Here’s What Next For BTC, ETH & BNB Price This Week


Relief rallies are approaching for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and other large-cap crypto asset, according to a famous cryptocurrency expert Kaleo.

When Terra’s network crumbled previously this summer, the value of Ethereum plummeted. Several cryptocurrency values dropped during the moment. Bitcoin had dropped around $25,000, whereas Ether was hovering at $1,700.

Kaleo, an anonymous expert with 509,000 Twitter users, claims strong sell-pressure within equity sectors is presently affecting Bitcoin.

According to Kaleo, Bitcoin will keep trading sideways until breaking out of its range and rising above $38,000, a 20% increase on the existing pace.

“Doesn’t look nearly as crazy anymore as it did at $29,000.”

Ethereum (ETH)

Kaleo further believes Ethereum will have a recovery bounce within the following weeks and shares the market forecast again for cryptocurrency. As per cryptocurrency researcher, ETH is already on the verge of a 26 percent rise in the near future.

“$2,600 ETH makes sense.”

Binance (BNB)

Binance Coin (BNB), the utility token that runs cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, is already in this experienced crypto trader’s sights. 

The value of BNB has increased by almost 12% the previous week, steadily pulling back,  free from the rut it fell during the recent crypto crash, which knocked out huge amounts of funds in investment capital.

The price of a BNB coin has risen almost 5% within the previous 24 hours, reaching $329.  Following the latest digital industry crisis, BNB went to the 5th location, with Terra (Luna) plunging to practically zero.

According to Kaleo, the Binance Coin/Bitcoin pair (BNB/BTC) is on the verge of setting a fresh all-time peak within the next few months.

“BNB/BTC looks like it wants to make an all-time high later this summer. Pretty impressive strength in a down market.”

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